PROKLEAR TVHD is dual acting Protectant and Shiner. Use to Shine and Protect Tires, Trims, external plastics and rubber. Gives an excellent silky wet shine and long lasting protection. Protects against UV rays prevents fading of external plastics. Minimizes dust adherence and makes cleaning effortless. Can be used on all external Plastic, Rubber and Tires except Shiny or Gloss finished plastic. Use regularly for a showroom look.Water based and safe to use.


  • PROKLEAR™ TVHD is made using latest breakthrough molecular bond technology.
  • PROKLEAR™ TVHD makes applied surface hydrophobic (water beading) which helps in easy removal of dirt.
  • PROKLEAR™ TVHD gives an excellent silky wet shine.
  • PROKLEAR™ TVHD is easy to apply and safe to use.
  • PROKLEAR™ TVHD is water based, safe , non toxic and biodegradable.
  • PROKLEAR™ TVHD can be used on Cars, Bikes, Scooters etc
  • PROKLEAR™ TVHD is available in an easy to use  bottle.
  • PROKLEAR™ TVHD is economical, safe & green.



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