Windshield Washer Additive Concentrate
PROKLEAR WWC is a hyper concentrated windshield wash concentrate additive. A small quantity is only needed to be added to the windshield wash tank. Will keep the windshield clear and the wipers lubricated. Active polymers in PROKLEAR WWC will lubricate the wipers and decrease the possibility of wiper juddering. PROKLEAR WWC is highly recommended for windshields treated with PROKLEAR NGS as it has also been specifically formulated to enhance the performance.


  • Cleans dust, grime, pollutants from windshield
  • Hyper concentrated – Only a small amount needed to be added
  • Safe on Rubber and Paint
  • Non-toxic, Bio-degradeable, Environment friendly
  • Keeps the wipers lubricated and supple
  • Prevents, Decreases, Eliminates wiper judder
  • No VOCs, Solvents
  • Without Antifreeze for Tropics
  • With Antifreeze for Colder climates
  • Highly Economical for regular use
  • In a easy to use bottle with measure chamber
  • Highly recommended for PROKLEAR NGS treated windshields



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