APCC All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

Proklear APCC is a super a concentrated product which can be diluted upto 100 times. Proklear APCC can used to clean and degrease various surfaces like Car interiors, seats, engine bay, carpets, mats, wheels, alloys, tires etc.

Usage Instructions: Mix the concentrate according to below mentioned dilution ratio. Test on a small inconspicuous area before using. Spray on the surface to be cleaned. Soak for a minute to allow the product to penetrate and loosen dirt. Using a brush agitate the applied surface. Depending on the surface flush with water or use a towel to clean and vacuum.

Dilution ratio: For heavy soiling – dilute 5ml ~ 10ml per 100ml water

For light soiling – dilute 1ml ~ 5ml per 100ml water


PROKLEAR APCC All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate
  • Made using latest breakthrough polymer technology
  • pH neutral
  • Contains active agents which act against dirt, grime, mud ,oil, grease etc., which can be removed easily
  • Hyper concentrated formula
  • Water based does not contain alcohol or other vocs safe on paint, plastics & rubber
  • Use for cleaning of Automobile Interior and Exterior
  • Can be diluted 1:100. 1 bottle makes 50 x 500ml sprays
  • Good foaming
  •  Professional Grade


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