PROKLEAR Rinseless Waterless Car Wash Concentrate

Waterless Car Wash system is a revolutionary cleaning system, using only a few milliliters of water rather than using many liters of water as in a normal car wash. Also Waterless Car Wash Cleans, Shines and Protects in a single step. Cleaning is provided by various bio degradable agents, Polish and Protection is ensured by Premium Brazilian Carnauba Wax.

Most of the Waterless Car Wash products available are highly diluted or with very low dilution ratios. Using these products increases per wash cost and discourages usage in a mass scale. A mass scale usage will result in considerable amount of water saving and also better looking cars for the users.

PROKLEAR Waterless Car Wash Concentrate was developed to lower the per wash cost of Waterless Car Wash with excellent performance and value for money. By breaking the per wash high cost barrier We believe it will enable many to use Waterless Car Wash system saving water and also the cars from corrosion caused due to stagnant water trapped inside car panels using a normal car wash method.

PROKLEAR Waterless Car Wash Concentrate has World’s highest dilution ratio of 1:100 costs a fraction per wash compared to diluted ready to use products typically costing same as PROKLEAR Waterless Car Wash Concentrate but claiming to clean 5 to 6 vehicles using about 100ml per vehicle. PROKLEAR recommends atleast 500ml per vehicle to provide proper flushing of dirt and lubrication. Comparing to these products PROKLEAR Waterless Car Wash Concentrate 1 x 250ml bottle can make 50 x 500ml ready to use sprays and can be used to clean 5 x 50 = 250 vehicles as claimed by ready to use products.


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